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composite materials testing and consulting services

In AMTEC composites, we are experts in the analysis of the mechanical behaviour and fracture of composite materials and adhesives.

We provide integral testing services and added value in their definition and analysis, including:

test design

Test and specimen design

Design a test specimen that is representative of actual service structural conditions. Select the most adequate test methods to suit your needs.

specimen manufacturing

Specimen manufacturing

Manufacture using prepreg and autoclave, hot plates, resin infusion, RTM, etc. Machine complex shapes and prepare specimens for testing.

test fixture design

Test fixture

We take care of designing and manufacturing the test fixture needed for customized tests.


In our facilities in Girona, we perform mechanical tests based on virtually any existing standard or customized test methods. Static or fatigue loads, from cryogenic to elevated temperatures. We use advanced instrumentation techniques (Digital Image Correlation, crack growth tracking systems, etc.)

fracture toughness

Data reduction methods

We select from the literature the most suitable data reduction methods for your tests, or develop new methods to calculate the properties you need.

Test conditions, parameters and any calculations done are exhaustively reported, along with tests raw data.

composite material card

Generation of material cards

We generate material cards as inputs for your specific CAE software.

composite material property

Analysis and implementation

We investigate any phenomena occurring during testing and provide advice on how to use advanced test results in your models and design strategies.